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“'MyChild' Represents the Call of a Loving Mother”

Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook states “Children must grow not only in the body but in the spirit, and the mother longs to follow the mysterious spiritual journey of the beloved one who tomorrow will be the intelligent, divine creation, man.” This ardent desire is much evident when a mother addresses her young one “MyChild”. Primary inspiration of Dr. Maria Montessori for dedicating her life to observe the child and evolve a methodology was to facilitate care and development of infants and little children and to liberate mothers for pursuing livelihoods of their capabilities and choices. It is truly a need today, as the joint family system has given way to the nuclear family culture.

“A Perfect Environment for a 'CHILD' to Develop”

Well protected and hygienic atmosphere of ‘MyChild’ Montessori House of Children, accommodates specifically evolved programs mentioned above. It is managed by qualified and experienced ‘Montessori Adults’. Dr. Montessori mentions “Our work is not to teach but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelous it would be if by an intelligent treatment of the child, if by understanding the need of his physical life and by feeding his intellect, we could prolong the period of functioning of absorbent mind!”

"MyChild" is a Bridge between Comforts of a Home
and an Exciting World to Explore.

From birth to 6 years of age, Exploration! Experience! Exercise! naturally means ‘LEARNING’ for a ‘CHILD’. Every 'CHILD' has the inherent need to develop in all areas of life. He also has ability to gain skills by engaging in activities willfully with a specific intent. Rather than instruction a 'CHILD' prefer guidance to achieve success in a secured habitat.


Windows that Display Precious Moments of Childhood


Glimpses of Happy Occasions at MyChild


“For us it is Not Just a Job
But is Accountability for Future
to Build a Better Society”

"Education, therefore, of little ones is important, especially from three to six years of age, because this is the embryonic period for the formation of character and of society, (just as the period from birth to three is that for forming the mind, and the prenatal period that for forming the body."

"We then found that individual activity is the one factor that stimulates and produces development, and that this is not more true for the little ones of preschool age than it is for the junior, middle, and upper school children."

The two quotations mentioned above are from the book “The Absorbent Mind” by Dr. Maria Montessori

Present Vacancies at Bangalore:

Montessori Adult (Teacher)

  • Must hold certificate in Montessori training
  • Will be responsible for development of each child
  • Must take charge of environment & apparatus
  • Must keep account of fees, books and uniform
  • Will report to Director and coordinate staff

Caretaker for Infants and Children

  • Must have undergone Infant caregiver training
  • Accountable for hygiene & protection of children
  • Will be responsible for comfort of each infant / child
  • Must feed, clean, bathe and dress each infant / child
  • Will have to keep the school premises clean and tidy

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